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The PT Dockyard was started in 1997 to provide 1/600 resin kits ofWorld War II coastal craft for wargaming. The models are of small warshipsfrom nine different nations, from well known craft such as the Elco 80' PTboat to German "F-lighters" and the obscure Dutch TM-4 boats used in Java.While the initial models were of boats not modeled by other miniaturecompanies, the Dockyard will have close to 50 individual ships in 1999. Itis and will remain a small operation, dedicated to providing quality modelsof the most active but often overlooked combat vessels of World War II.

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1/600 Scale Warship Models
Item #
US Subjects
US1 80' Elco PT Boat 1944 
US2 78' Higgens PT Boat 1944 
US3 77' Elco PT Boat 1942 
US4 63' ASRC "Crash Boat" 
US5 110' SC Subchaser 
US6 PGM 1 
US7 PC 173' Patrol Craft 
US8 80' Elco "Thunderbolt" 1944 
US9 70' Scott Paine PT 369
US10 77' Elco Gunboat PT-59 
US11 83' Coast Guard Cutter 
US12 YMS 136' Minesweeper 
German Subjects
GE1 S-38 1942 
GE2 S-38 1943 (w/40mm) 
GE3 MFP Type C 1943 
GE4 AFP-C 1944 
GE5 I-Lighter 
GE6 Raumboote
GE7 Siebel Ferry 
GE8 Pil boat 
GE9 AFP-D 1944 
GE10 MFP Type D 1944 
GE11 TA24 1944 - Captured Italian "Ariete-class" escort destroyer 
GE12 S-61 "Adriatic" S-Boat 1944
GE13 S151-158 "Maxchen" 1944
GE14 AFP Type A 1942
GE15 GM-74 German Patrol Boat
GE16 Strumboot 42
Soviet Subjects
RU1 Type 1125 AMGB 
RU2 Type D3 MTB 
RU3 M04 Subchaser 
RU4 Type 1125 "Katyuska"
RU5 Shtorm Class Torpedo Boat 
RU6 TK Class MGB 
RU7 BMO Class Subchaser 
RU8 DB Class Landing Craft 
British Subjects
GB1 BPB 72' MGB 1943
GB2 Elco 70' MTB 1942 
GB3 BPB 72' MTB 1944 
GB4 Elco 77' MTB 1943 
GB5 BPB 60' MTB 1941 
GB6 BPB 70' MGB 1941 
GB7 Higgens 69' MGB 
GB8 Vosper 70' MTB 1941
GB9 Fairmile Harbor Defense ML 
GB10 BPB 60' MA/SB 
GB11 Fairmile "D" MTB 1943
GB12 Vosper 70' Gunboat 1943 
GB13 72' White MTB 1942
GB14 Fairmile "B" Motor Launch
GB15 Fairmile "D" MGB 1943
GB16 55' Thornycroft MTB 1941
Finnish Subjects
FN1 55' Syoksy MTB 1942 
FN2 VMV 17 1943 
FN3 Taisto/Hurja Class MTB 1943 
FN4 RB 1-12 MTB 
FN5 Sisu & Isku 
FN7 Ruotsinsalmi Minelayer 1943
FN8 VMV 1 & 2
Japanese Subjects
JN1 46' Daihatsu Barge (pack of 2) 
JN2 Type T-38 MTB 1944
JN1 Shinyo Suicide Boats (pack of 5) 
JN2 Type C Armored Patrol Boat
Italian Subjects
IT1 MS-51 1943
IT2 Spica 1942 
IT3 Gabbiano Corvette 1943
IT4 MAS562 
IT5 RD49 Minesweeper
IT6 MTM Explosive Boat (pack of 4)
IT7 MZ Type B Lighter 1943
IT8 MTSMA 2 Man MTBs (pack of 3)
French Subjects
FR1 VTB 8 Early MTB
FR2 VTB 11-12 
FR3 VTB 23 
FR4 CH 14 Chasseur 1942
Dutch Subjects
NE1 TM 4 MTB 1942
Yugoslavian Subjects
YG1 Partisan "Tiger Fleet" boat Armed fishing boat
Norwegian Subjects
NW1 MTB 5-6 1940 
Romanian Subjects
RM1 Vantul MTB 1943
RM2 Viscocul MTB 1941 
Polish Subjects
PL1 S-1 MGB 1943
Generic Subjects
MR1 250 Ton Coaster 120' coastal freighter
MR2 Three Masted 180' steam/sail freighter
MR3 1200 Ton Freighter
MR4 800 Ton German Coaster
"The Splinter Fleet" World War 1
SF1 40' British CMB (pack of 2)
SF2 LM-7 Class of German MTB (pack of 2)

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