KazusaMinato Navy Yard Kits

KazusaMinato Navy Yard is a Japanese producer of resin ship kits with a focus on 1/500 scale Imperial Japanese Naval subjects. In terms of IJN subjects, the KazusaMinato Navy Yard catalog can fill in some of the gaps in your collection of 1/500 scale models as it compliments those available through Nichimo. 

Their website is in mostly in Japanese (they have a page on the Taiho in English). You can use the AltaVista Babel Fish utility to translate this site.

Warship Kits
Ship Type Era Scale
Taiho Aircraft Carrier WW2 1/500
Mikuma Mogami Class Heavy Cruiser WW2 1/500
Mogami Class Leader Heavy Cruiser with Flight Deck Conversion WW2 1/500
Hiei Kongo Class Battleship WW2 1/500
Kongo Class Battleship WW2 1/500

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