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Mirage is a Polish manufacturer of injection-molded plastic kits with a variety of subjects. The have a line of 1/400 scale warships and 1/500 scale merchant kits. While they concentrate of WW2 Polish naval ships or Polish merchant ships, they have recently added a line of U-Boat models. Some of the Polish naval subjects were ships from other navies, particularly Royal Navy. They will be adding more kits to line over time.
Ship Type Era Scale
SS Batory Ocean Liner 1940's - 1950's 1/500
SS Piludski Ocean Liner- Sister to Batory 1940's - 1950's 1/500
ORP Grom Polish Destroyer - 1938 Fit WW2 1/400
ORP Grom Polish Destroyer - 1940 Fit WW2 1/400
ORP Blyskawica Polish Destroyer - 1944 Fit WW2 1/400
ORP Blyskawica Polish Destroyer - 1965 Fit Modernized 1/400
ORP Mazur Torpedo Boat (ex German WW1) 1935 Two Funnels Fit Pre-WW2 1/400
ORP Mazur Torpedo Boat (ex German WW1) 1939 Single Funnel Fit (First ship to be sunk in WW2) WW2 1/400
ORP Wicher Polish Escort Destroyer - 1935 Fit NEW!! WW2 1/400
ORP Burza Polish Escort Destroyer - 1944 Fit NEW!! WW2 1/400
U-2 Type IIA U-Boat WW2 1/400
U-23 Type IIB U-Boat WW2 1/400
U-60 Type IIC U-Boat WW2 1/400
U-149 Type IID U-Boat WW2 1/400
U-571 Type VIIC U-Boat  WW2 1/400
ORP Kaszub Torpedo Boat (ex German WW1) Two Funnels/Short F'oc'sle  1925 fit 1/400
V 106 German Torpedo Boat  WW1 1/400
U-295 Type VIIC/41 U-Boat with Biber mini-subs WW2 1/400
U-673 Type VIIC Turm 2 U-Boat WW2 1/400
U-826 Type VIIC Turm 4 U-Boat WW2 1/400
U-1064 Type VIIC/41 Turm 4 U-Boat WW2 1/400
U-84 Type VIIB U-Boat WW2 1/400
U-803 Type IX C/40 Turm 2 U-BoatNEW!! WW2 1/400
U-40 Type IX A Turm 1 U-Boat NEW!! WW2 1/400
U-176 Type IX C Turm 2 U-Boat NEW!! WW2 1/400
U-511 Type IX B Turm 1 + WG42 U-Boat NEW!! WW2 1/400
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