Langton Miniatures Ship Kits

Langton Miniatures is a British cottage firm that manufacturers multi-media (resin, white metal and photoetch brass) kits of sailing ships in 1/300 scale and World War I coastal craft in 1/200 scale. These kits have astounding detail for such a small scale. They also make 1/1200 scale miniatures and other subjects in a variety of scales. You can visit their website which is listed on the Links Page.
1/300 Napoleonic Naval Ships
Ship Type
HMS Juno 32 gun frigate
Brig A typical larger cruiser class used by the RN
Cutter A typical single masted used by the RN
Dutch Gunboat Used by the Dutch and French
Lugger a.k.a. Chasse Maree - used by the French for smuggling/privateering
USS Wasp Sloop of War
British Gunboat Type used by the RN
Danish Gunboat Also used by Russia, Sweden and Prussia
Gunboat/Landing Barge Sold as a sailed or rowed kit
Launch Sold as a sailed or rowed kit
Yawl Sold as a sailed or rowed kit
1/300 Ancient Naval Ships
Carthaginian Quinquereme Backbone of Carthage's Navy
Roman Quinquereme Armed with a bronze ram and 270 oarsmen
Roman Quinquereme with Corvus The Corvus was a plank used by Romans to board enemy ships
Roman Deceres One of the larger ships in Roman Navy
Roman Libernian One of the smaller ships in Roman Navy
Merchant Vessel Typical cargo ship of the times
Aphract (Early) Trireme Fast warship with unprotected oarsmen
Aphract (Later) Trireme Type used at Salamis, again oarsmen were not protected 
Semi-Cataphract Trireme Fast warship with protection for the oarsmen
1/200 World War I Coastal Ships
British 80ft Motor Launch 550 in service in 1918, used for ASW duties
50ft Picket Boat Used for harbor defense
40ft Coastal Motor Boat Used for coastal defense
55ft Coastal Motor Boat Used for coastal defense
German Lm Torpedo Boat 21 Luftshiffmotorboote (Airship-Engined Boats) were in service in WW1
German Coastal Submarine Early U-boat

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