Nichimo Ship Kits

Nichimo is a Japanese firm that has line of Imperial Japanese Navy warships predominately in 1/500 scale, withsome subjects in other scales. 
Ship Type Era Scale
Akagi Aircraft Carrier WW2 1/500
Akizuki Destroyer WW2 1/200
Ashigara Heavy Cruiser WW2 1/500
Atago Heavy Cruiser WW2 1/500
Chokai Heavy Cruiser WW2 1/500
Haguro Heavy Cruiser WW2 1/500
Hatsuzuki Destroyer WW2 1/200
Hiryu Aircraft Carrier WW2 1/500
Hyuga Battleship WW2 1/500
I-19 Submarine WW2 1/200
Ise Battleship WW2 1/500
Kagero Destroyer WW2 1/200
Musashi Battleship WW2 1/500
Musashi Battleship WW2 1/400
Mutsu Battleship WW2 1/500
Myoko Heavy Cruiser WW2 1/500
Nagato Battleship WW2 1/500
Nachi Heavy Cruiser WW2 1/500
Shiranu Destroyer WW2 1/200
Shokaku Aircraft Carrier WW2 1/500
Takao Heavy Cruiser WW2 1/500
Type IX-B U-boat German Submarine WW2 1/200
Type IX-C U-boat German Submarine WW2 1/200
Yamato Battleship WW2 1/500
Yamato Battleship WW2 1/400
Yamato Battleship WW2 1/600
Yamato Battleship WW2 1/200
Zuikaku Aircraft Carrier WW2 1/500
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