Airfix Ship Kits

Airfix is a British manufacturer of injection-molded kits which is owned by Humbrol Ltd., another British firm. They have a line of 1/600 scale kits with the majority of the subjects being Royal Navy warships and British merchant ships, but they do cover some other nationalities. They also have a line of 1/72 of motor torpedo boats and a line ofclassic sailing ships in a variety of scales. Several of the 1/600 scale kits were released under the MPC brand name.These kits are re-released from time to time.
Merchant & Warship Kits
Ship Type Era
Free Enterprise II Car Ferry Modern
Mauretania Cunard Liner Pre WW1
Canberra P&O Liner 1960s
France French Liner 1960s
Queen Elizabeth Cunard/White Star Liner Golden Age(1940's thru 1950's)
Queen Elizabeth II Cunard Liner Modern
SS Southern Cross Ocean Liner Rare Kit
HMS Ajax Cruiser WWII
HMS Hotspur Destroyer WWII
HMS Nelson Battleship WWII
HMS Hood Battlecruiser WWII
HMS Repulse Battlecruiser WWII
HMS King George V Battleship WWII
HMS Leander Frigate Modern
HMS Iron Duke Battleship WWI
HMS Warspite Battleship WWII
HMS Campbeltown Destroyer WWII
HMS Manxman Minelayer WWII
DKM Narvik Destroyer WWII
DKM Prinz Eugen Heavy Cruiser WWII
DKM Scharnhorst Battlecruiser WWII
DKM Tirpitz Battleship WWII
DKM Bismark Battleship WWII
USS Forestall Aircraft Carrier Modern
HMS Victorious Aircraft Carrier Modern
HMS Ark Royal Aircraft Carrier WWII
HMS Daring Destroyer Modern
HMS Suffolk Heavy Cruiser WWII
HMS Belfast Heavy Cruiser WWII
HMS Tiger Cruiser Modern
DKM Graf Spee Pocket Battleship WWII
Moskva Soviet Heavy Cruiser Modern
Rommel German Destroyer Modern
HMS Amazon Frigate Modern
HMS Cossack Destroyer WWII
HMS Devonshire Destroyer Modern
HMS Fearless Landing Ship Modern
RAF Rescue Launch 63 ft. Boat in 1/72 scale WW2
Vosper Motor Torpedo Boat 73 ft. Boat in 1/72 scale WW2
German E-Boat DKM Torpedo Boat in 1/72 scale WW2

Classic Sailing Ship Kits
Ship Description Scale
HMS Victory 1st Rate Ship of the Line - Nelson's Flagshipat Trafalgar. 1/180
Endeavour Captain Cook's Ship When He Discovered Australia& New Zealand. 1/120
Mayflower Ship of Pilgrim Fame. 1/150
Discovery Artic Exploration Vessel - Sail & SteamPowered 1/130
HMS Prince Man-O-War 1/180
Golden Hind Drake's Ship On His CircumavigationVoyage 1/200
Royal Sovereign Man-O-War 1/168
Bounty Ship of the Famous Mutiny 1/87
Wasa Swedish Man-O-War Which Sank on Her MaidenVoyage 1/144
Cutty Sark British Tea Clipper 1/130

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