Frog Ship Kits

Frog was a London, England based manufacturer of injection-molded plastic kits with a variety of subjects. The had a line of 1/500 surface ship and odd-scale merchant kits. The firm went out of business, but the kitshave been sold under such labels as UPC, Novo, Chematic, and some Russian names. Modelcraft has re-issuedsome of the merchant ships and Revell-Germany's Royal Sovereign is the Revenge kit. Some of these kitspop up for auction at Ebay.Com from time to time.
Ship Type Era Scale
HMS Ashanti RN Tribal-class Destroyer WW2 1/500
HMS Exeter RN Cruiser WW2 1/500
HMS Hero RN H-class Destroyer WW2 1/500
HMS Revenge RN R-class Battleship WW2 1/500
MT Shell Welder Coastal Tanker Modern 1/130
HMS Tiger RN Cruiser 1950's/60's 1/415
HMS Torquay RN Rothesay-class Frigate Modern 1/500
HMS Undine RN Type 15 Frigate WW2 1/500

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