Tecnomodels Resin Ship Model Kits

E-Mail: mamba@kol.it

Tecnomodels is an Italian manufacturer of multimedia kits of modern Italian Navy subjects. These kits contain resin, white metal and photoetch parts. These kits are in 1/400 scale, which is considered the European standard for naval kits. Tecnomodel products are available directly through their international distributor, Marcello Biava, via email by clicking on the address above.

Ship Type Scale Era
Lupo Class Multirole Frigate 1/400 Modern
Cassiopea Class High Endurance Patrol Vessel 1/400 Modern
Minerva Class Multipurpose Corvette 1/400 Modern
Maestrale Class Multirole Frigate 1/400 Modern
Modified Lupo (Artigliere) Class
Patrol Frigate 1/400 Modern
De la Penne Class
Multipurpose Destroyer 1/400 Modern
Giuseppe Garibaldi
Aircraft Carrier 1/400 Modern
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