UPC Ship Kits

UPC (Universal Powermaster Corp.) was based in New York, New York during the 1960's and early 1970's. This firm appears to have repackaged kits produced by other firms and sold them under their label. Some of the kits were ex-Frog subjects. This firm has been long out of business. My thanks to Peter Mispelkamp for the info on these 1/400 scale kits.
Ship Type Era Scale
Shinano IJN Aircraft Carrier WW2 1/400
Yamato IJN Battleship WW2 1/400
Musashi IJN Battleship WW2 1/400
Bismarck DKM Battleship WW2 1/400
Tirpitz DKM Battleship WW2 1/400
HMS Tiger RN Light Cruiser - ex-Frog kit Post-WW2 1/415
HMS Revenge RN R-class Battleship - ex-Frog kit WW2 1/500
HMS Torquay RN Rothesay-class Frigate - ex-Frog kit Modern 1/500
HMS Ashanti RN Tribal-class Destroyer - ex-Frog kit WW2 1/500
HMS Hero RN H-class Destroyer - ex-Frog kit WW2 1/500
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