Lindberg Ship Model Kits

Lindberg was founded in the 1930's, which probably makes them the oldest American manufacturer of injection-molded kits. They have, among other subjects, a line of ship models in a variety of scales. The quality of Lindberg kits run from very poor to acceptable but they have some unique kits. Along the way, Lindberg acquired the ship model molds used by Life-Like Models, which were formerly from Pyro Models. These kits are re-released from time to time. My thanks to Bill Michaels for his input and corrections to this list.
Merchant Ship Kits
Ship Type Era Scale
Diesel Tug Harbor Tug, ex-86' US Army tug (ex-Pyro mold) post WW2 1/77
Clermont Robert Fulton's First Steamboat (ex-Pyro mold) early 1800's 1/96
Nantucket LS 112 149' Lightship (ex-Pyro mold)  served 1936-75 1/96
Shrimp Boat Typical Shrimp Fishing Boat (ex-Pyro mold)  1900's 1/60
SS President Cleveland Presidents Line Ocean Liner (ex-Pyro Mold) 1950's 1/400?
Southern Belle Mississippi River Steam Paddle Wheeler (ex-Pyro mold)  1800's 1/64
Tuna Clipper Typical TUna Fishing Boat (ex-Pyro mold)  1900's 1/72
Warship Kits
Ship Type Era Scale
DKM Bismarck German Battleship WW2 1/384
Bobtail Cruiser Rocket Fire Support Ship USS Carronade 1950's 1/168
USS Columbia Cleveland Class Light Cruiser WW2 1/600
USS Daniel A. Joy Rudderow-Class Destroyer Escort WW2 1/300
USS DeLong Rudderow-Class Destroyer Escort WW2 1/300
USS Gato Fleet Submarine WW2 1/240
HMS Hood British Battlecruiser WW2 1/384
Kiev Soviet CVH Modern 1/542
Landing Craft, Tank (LCT) Comes with a Tank Model WW2 1/125
Landing Craft, Vehicle,Personnel (LCVP) Higgins 32' Landing Craft WW2 1/32
Landing Ship, Dock (LSD) Used to Deploys LCTs and Other Landing Craft WW2 ??
Landing Ship, Tank (LST) Model of Typical LST WW2 1/245
USS Manchester Cleveland Class Light Cruiser WW2 1/600
USS Melvin Fletcher Class Destroyer a.k.a. "Blue Devil" WW2 1/125
USN Minesweeper Possibly an Admirable Class Ship WW2 ??
Monitor & Merrimac Civil War Ironclads - Monitor is in a larger scale (ex-Pyro Mold) American Civil War 1/210 & 1/300
USS Nautilus First Nuclear Submarine 1950's 1/300
PT Boat Elco 80' PT Boat WW2 1/32
USS Rudderow Rudderow-Class Destroyer Escort WW2 1/535
Tirpitz German Battleship WW2 1/384
USCG Patrol Boat 95' Cape Class Boat Modern 1/72
USS Vicksburg Cleveland Class Light Cruiser WW2 1/600
USS Yorktown Straight-Deck Essex-Class Carrier WW2 1/525

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