SDD 1/600 Scale White Metal Coastal Forces

SDD makes a line of 1/600 scale white metal miniatures used primarily for wargaming. However, these kits are a nice alternative to typical 1/600 scale fare and can be made into very nice models.

 Information for this table was kindly supplied by Carl Erickson

Ship Type
HMS Poluran Minesweeper
HMS Rattlesnake Minesweeper
HMS Bramble Minesweeper
HMS Foxglove Flower Corvette
HMS Harvester A/S Destroyer
Bournmouth Queen Aux AA Paddle Steamer
HMS Heythrop Hunter class minesweeper
HMS Rollcall Armed Tug
HMS Zulu Tribal Class DD
Harbour defence Motor launch
BPB 60' A/S boat
Camper & Nicholson MTB
40' coastal boat MTB
55' coastal boat MTB
Fairmile A motor boat launch
MTB special for St. Nazaire
Fairmile "C" MGB
63' MA/SB No 6-21
US submarine chaser
Town Class DD
US PGM7 Gunboat
80' motor launch WWI
Camper & Nicholson blockade runner
Camper & Nicholson MGB 501
63' air sea rescue launch
Vosper 73' MTB
Vosper 73' Series 2 MTB
Early Fairmile "D" MTB
Early Fairmile "D" MGB
Fairmile "C" escort
TS1-6 German Hydrofoil X2
RA101-102 German
S701-800 German
Wolf torpedo boat German
Mowe torpedo boat German
VP 404 armed trawler German
RS 9-16 early R boat German
M50 minesweeper German
R41-52 R boats German
S10 E boat German 
S26 E boat German
S 38 E boat German
R 218-271 German R-Boat
R 401-424 German R-Boat
T 15 Japanese MTB
MAS 551-562 Italian MTB
150' Steam coaster
200' merchant ship
240' Merchant ship
Large Schooner
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