20-12-2004 Building the 1/700 Modelkrak kit of the Protected Cruiser Aurora by Martin J Quinn
17-12-2004 Building the Panda 1/350 USS Cole DDG-67 by Noel Carpio
09-12-2004 Air Ops on the Carl Vinson CVN-70 by Joe Teliczan
08-12-2004 USS Maine memorial in Havanna, Cuba by Peter Kettenring
06-12-2004 Building the Lieutenant Burakov Russian Torpedo Boat by Jim Baumann
28-11-2004 Building JAG's 1/700 USS Bainbridge by Peter Van Buren
23-11-2004 Building the Spanish Navy Battleship Pelayo as in 1895 by Jim Baumann
18-11-2004 Scratch Building the USS North Carolina in 1/96 scale by Ron Horabin part 14
18-11-2004 Scratch Building the USS Arizona in 1/192 scale by Abram Joslin
09-11-2004 Re-rigging a dismasted ship using the ATLANTIC MODELS 1/700  Photoetched ratlines by Jim Baumann
28-10-2004 Building the Trumpeter 1/350 USS Hornet CV-8 by Ken Summa
27-10-2004 A tour of Classic Warships casting facility
13-10-2004 Building the USS Laffey in 1/350 scale by Devin Poore
27-09-2004 Building the battlecruiser HMS Renown(1942) in 1/700 by Jim Baumann
22-09-2004 Ed Wyatt's 1/96 SS Ohio's by Patrick Matthews
17-09-2004 Photo tour of the Central Naval Museum in St.Petersburg by Vladimir Yakubov
16-09-2004 Turtleship Museum at the Republic of Korea Naval Academy in Chinhae by Gone Asiatic
16-09-2004 Photo tour of the HMS Warrior by Vladimir Yakubov
12-09-2004 Building the Samec 1/700 Prinz Eugen by Gabor Part 4 now online
29-08-2004 How to take pictures of little things by Isaias Castro
28-07-2004 Lunch Time Craft Club by Lester Abbey
25-07-2004 Building the USS Juneau CL-52 Part 1 of  "A break in the Action"  by Devin Poore
05-07-2004 Building the HMS Abercrombie in 1/700 scale by Jim Baumann
13-06-2004 Building the USS Enterprise in 1/96 scale by Clifton Simmons
12-06-2004 A visit to theVENICE  Maritime  Museum highlights 2004 by Jim Baumann
20-05-2004 Building the Samec 1/700 Prinz Eugen by Gabor Part 3 now online
05-05-2004 Building the Imperial Russian navy gunboat Koreeitz.. Twice! by Jim Baumann
27-03-2004 Building the USS Kalinin Bay CVE-68 in 1/96 Scale by Bill Waldorf
28-02-2004 Air Attack on the USS San Francisco November 12, 1942 by Lieutenant John Wallace
25-02-2003 Scratch Building the USS North Carolina in 1/96 scale by Ron Horabin part 13 now online
20-01-2004 The Last days of the USS Cushing DD376 Nov. 1942 by George E. Burghardt (01/20/04)
09-01-2002 Patrol Craft of the Royal Thai Navy by Somyot  Khuptawathin