Patrol Craft of the Thailand Navy
by Somyot Khuptawathin
1:1 scale
HTMS. Pinklao
HTMS Pinklao ( Ex USS Hemminger DE-746). The photo was taken while she was sailing on the Sea Review of the Royal Thai Navy in 1999.
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She is an old WW II Destroyer Escort (Cannon Class). Her 3 inch deck gun is shown on the right.
HTMS Thacheen ( Ex USS Glendale ) Patrol Frigate ( Tacoma Class ). Today she is decommissioned and standing as a Floating Museum.
HTMS Phosamton (ex HMS Minstrel) cruising along the Chaopraya river in Bangkok. She was build in year 1944 by Redfern Construction Co. of Canada. She is an off shore mine sweeper vessel with a displacement of 1,097 ton (normal) and 1,350 ton (maximum). The Royal Thai. Government bought her from the British Government in 1947. In 1953 she sailed to Europe for Naval Cadets training and joined the Sea Review on the occasion of Queen Elizabeth II's coronation day.
She was propelled by two triple expanded steam engine 2,000 HP each. today she can reach the maximum speed of 14 knot (16 knots when new). She's still in service for Royal Thai. Navy as training ship. It's believed that she is the worlds oldest steam engine warship that still remain in service.
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