ship review
Destroyers are fun to build. There aren't too large and they won't take much  time to finish unlike aircraft carrier.  The same goes with my Panda USS Cole. This ship is easy to build. The fit is good and the price is right.  The photoetch however needs a lot of improvement. However, since I wanted it done out of the box, I had to content myself with it.
I wanted to make the USS Cole at a base with rough seas. This project was inspired by the latest article of Rusty White about making realistic waves. I molded the waves using sculpey modeling compound. I fit my ship from time to time to see how it looked. Then I sliced it in six parts. Why? I had to make sure it would fit my oven toaster.
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After baking two parts at a time for 1 minute, it was done.  Now, I can simply glue it in place as seen below.
I filled the sculpey gaps with putty. I painted the basic sea with Royal Blue and then an acrylic wash of Dark Blue Green. The white water came straight out of the tube. I finalized the waves with enamel based varnish and a combo of Future. It truly gave me that wet look! I realized that with enamel based paint for the waves, I couldn't get that shine using Future Floor Wax.  The model was added with rigging and decals. I also oversprayed it with matte coat and a bit of pastels and oils washes.
I liked this kit. It's not expensive, it's challenging especially if you use the kit-provided photoetch (to stay In-the-Box) and its really fun to build.