25-02-2003 Scratch Building the USS North Carolina in 1/96 scale by Ron Horabin part 13 now online
20-01-2004 The Last days of the USS Cushing DD376 Nov. 1942 by George E. Burghardt (01/20/04)
25-11-2003 Scratchbuilding the IJN Soryu in 1/144 scale Part 9 by Bill Waldorf
04-10-2003 Building the 1/700 Combrig Imperatrisa Maria by Jim Baumann
03-10-2003 Building the Iron Shipwrights 1/350 Square Bridge LCI (L) by Felix Bustelo
 24-09-2003 Building the Panda Arliegh Burke class DDG by Peter Van Buren
23-09-2003 Building the JAG USS Sacramento AOE-1 by Peter Van Buren
21-09-2003 Those Damned Kamikazes - as told by Louis P. Swan, USS Hughes (9/16/03)
15-09-2003 Building Kombrig's 1/700 Destroyer Valerian Kuibyshev by Vladimir Yakubov
26-08-2003 Building the USS Cushing DD-376 in 1/700 Scale by Timothy Dike
25-08-2003 Building the Samec 1/700 Prinz Eugen by Gabor Part 2 now online
10-07-2003 Feature Article: Building the Revell 1/72 S-100 Schnellboot by Jeff Herne
09-07-2003 Over 100 images from the 2003 IPMS Nationals
07-07-2003 Kelly Quirk shows us how he built his prize winning USS Hornet CV-8 in 1/350 scale
06-07-2003 Live From the Nats Ship photo's Part One  and Part Two
29-06-2003 Building the Combrig 1/700 Kresta I Class Missile Cruiser by Peter Van Buren
12-06-2003 Build Up Review of the Combrig 1/700 Kara Class Destroyer by Peter Van Buren
11-06-2003 Building the USS Stennis in 1/720 scale by Noel Carpio
04-06-2003 Turning Point at Midway - article by Martin Quinn
02-06-2003 Build Up Review of the Combrig 1/700 Grozny Class Rocket Cruisers by Peter Van Buren
10-05-2003 1/256 scale scratchbuilt USS Ingraham FFG-61 by Bill Liebold
09-05-2003 1/256 scale scratchbuilt JMSDF Kongo by Bill Liebold
08-05-2003 1/256 scale scratchbuilt USS Preble DDG-88 by Bill Liebold
04-05-2003 Building a 1/72 CVE-26 by René Hieronymus - Part One
25-04-2003 Building the Kombrig 1/700 Rossiya by Vladimir Yakubov
21-04-2003 Building the Heller DKM Gneisenau in 1/400 by Noel Carpio
15-04-2003 Steve Priske's 'Golden Lion'
14-04-2003 Ship Models of CanAm Con 2003 - by Jeff Herne
04-04-2003 The building of SMS Radetzky in 1/700  the cheap way...(NOT!) by Jim Baumann
29-03-2003 Building the 1/700 JAG Albany CG-10 by Peter Van Buren
27-03-2003 Ship Models of the Thailand Navy Museum by Somyot Khuptawathin
20-03-2003 Building the 1/200 Nichimo Kagero - IJN Shiranui by Jeff Herne
07-02-2003 Building Trumpeterís  1/200 Sovremenny 956 A/E  Part 2 now online by Guido Hopp
21-01-2003 Genesis of the Alaska Class Large Cruisers by Martin Quinn
15-01-2003 1/700 IJN Yamato Build-up article by Tom VanderMark
02-01-2003 How-To: Jim Baumann's Tips and Techniques