Ship Models of the Thailand Navy Museum
by Somyot Khuptawathin
There are many Museum quality models in Royal Thai Navy Museum, These Six pictures are just some samples of  Royal Thai Navy Ships used in the past.
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HTMS Maeklong: Multi Role Fighting and Training Ships (Japanese Built in 1935)
HTMS Sukhothai: Light Gun Boat Built by Armstrong Withworth of England in Year 1929
HTMS Takbai: Coastal Torpedo Boat Built by Japan in Year 1935
HTMS Srichang: Supply Ship Built in Japan in Year 1937
HTMS Dhonburi: Heavy Gun Boat Built in Japan in Year 1935
HTMS Samui: Fleet Oiler Built in Japan in Year 1935
All ships are now decommissioned. I am now composing their stories for a future feature on this site.
Somyot Khuptawathin