15-12-2009  Waterlining full hull kits in 1/350 scale by Kym Knight
11-11-2009  2009 IPMS UK National show by Jim Baumann
10-11-2009  Building the HMS Courageous in 1/700 scale by Jim Baumann
10-11-2009  Telford 2009 By Dave Wooley
04-11-2009  HMS Illustrious in October 09 as part of the Centenery of the Fleet Air Arm by Dave Wooley 
26-10-2009 Building the 1/350 YS Masterpieces USS Brooklyn ACR-3 by Peter Plattner
18-10-2009  JerseyCon 2009, Day Two by Devin Poore
17-10-2009  JerseyCon 2009, Day One by Devin Poore
13-10-2009  Kelly Quirk's and his award winning 1/350 USS Truman CVN-75
13-10-2009  IPMS Vancouver Fall Show 2009 by Timothy Choi
08-10-2009  Building the Dragon 1/350 USS Gearing by Keith Bender
28-09-2009  Scratch-building ( almost!) the Turret ship Blotberg in 1/700 by Jim Baumann
13-09-2009 A visit to the Islands of Malta and Gozo- Jim Baumann
10-09-2009 Imperial Japanese Navy Mogami Class Light Cruiser Mikuma - August 1938 by Claudio Matteini
31-08-2009  Meet the Vendors from the IPMS Nationals-VIDEOS!
28-08-2009  Building the Gator: Frank Ilse scratchbuilds the USS Saipan LHA-2 in 1/350 scale Part 6: The Completed Model.
IPMS US Nationals 2009 Coverage: Images by Rick E. Davis
IPMS US Nationals 2009 Coverage: Images by Bob Craig
IPMS US Nationals 2009 Coverage: Judging
Almost Live at the 2009 IPMS/USA Nationals with Timothy Dike, Day 3
A Build Up of Academy's new 1/350 DKM Graf Spee
Almost Live at the 2009 IPMS/USA Nationals with Timothy Dike, Day 2
Almost Live at the 2009 IPMS/USA Nationals with Timothy Dike
Sneak Peek at MRC's upcoming 1/350 USS Wasp LHD-01!
A look at Academy's new 1/350 DKM Graf Spee
Some of the vendors, and some familiar faces, at this year's Nats.
27-06-2009  Installing 1/700 Photoetch Aircraft Rails and Turntable Details by Anthony Kochevar
24-06-2009 Building the USS Aprapaho AT-68 in 1/700 scale by David Bilek
04-06-2009  Scratchbuilding a Russian 1916 Cruiser-Minelayer Project in 1/700 scale by Vladimir Yakubov
02-06-2009  Building the British Tramp Steamer Drumgeith 1906 by Jim Baumann
30-04-2009 Building the 1/350 USS Lansdowne DD-486, 1945 By Ed McDonald
30-04-2009 IPMS Plastic Surgeons of Des Moines, Iowa 15th Annual Model Contest by Carl Musselman
20-04-2009  Ships of Model Fest 2009, sponsored by West Central Missouri IPMS Chapter by Carl Musselman
16-04-2009 Building the USS Quick DD-490 in 1/350 scale (Dragon) by Bob Cicconi
09-04-2009 Building KuK; SMS Wien at the Spithead Fleet review 1897 by Jim Baumann
06-04-2009  MosquitoCon 2009 Ship Photos by Devin Poore
28-02-2009 The John Prothero-Thomas Collection
26-02-2009 Fleet Air Arm Model Show at Yeovilton by Jim Baumann
11-02-2009  Building theIJN Yaeyama post 1902 by Jim Baumann
19-01-2009 Scratchbuilding USS Brister DE-327 « Trim but deadly » by René Hieronymus
04-01-2009  USS North Carolina BB-55 walkaround by Jorge Martinez 
03-01-2009 USCG Taney Walkaround by Mario Grima