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Dragon 1/700 DKM Bismarck (Plastic kit) NEW
Neptun 1/1250 USS Quincy CA-39 (Metal miniature)
Tamiya 1/700 USS Enterprise CV-6 (Plastic kit)
White Ensign Models 1/350 USS Pegasus (Resin kit)
Hasegawa 1/700 IJN Ise Super detail version. (Plastic kit w/photo etch)
Albatross a look back at a couple Out of Production (Plastic kits) 
  • USS Sumner DD-692
  • USS Gearing DD-710
Photo Etch Reviews
Gold Medal Models Soviet Cruiser Destroyer set NEW
Gold Medal Models Soviet Aircraft Carrier set NEW
Fine Molds 1/700 IJN Type 96 25 mm Triple Machine guns 
Fine Molds 1/700 IJN Type 96 25 mm Twin Machine guns
Hasegawa 1/700 [MA-163] IJN Ise-class BB/BBCV set
Miscellaneous Accessory Reviews
Clipper 1/700 IJN 14" / 365 mm + blast bags (8 pcs.) 
Pit-Road 1/700 DKM 203 mm Turret + Gun Barrels (4+8 pcs.) 
Book Reviews
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