Naval Acceccories

Pit-Road DKM 1/700 203mm Turret + Gun Barrels (4+8 pcs.) 

DKM 1/700 Resinturrets and machined brass barrels

review by Tom Kristiansen


[GB09] DKM 1/700 203mm Turret + Gun Barrels 

2 # A turret Admiral-Hipper class
2 # B turret Admiral-Hipper class
8 # machined brass barrels

The resinturrets looks very good. Casting quality is good if you do not worry about some flash. The detail is OK but could have been better. I did not like the on-molded ladders on B-turrets. I will scrape them away and replace them with photoetch. Tamiyas turrets on their 1/700 Prinz Eugen has better surface details and a cleaner surface, but they do not have blastbags. Pit-roads upgrade-set has, and they look good. These turrets can also be used for HP-models 1/700 Admiral-Hipper and Blücher. 

The 8 barrels are beautifully machined and will add a realism-point to your Admiral-Hippel class cruiser that Tamiyas/HP-models plastic barrels cannot :  bored muzzle. Pit-Roads muzzle is bigger than on Clipper Models 1/700 IJN 365mm machined brass barrels and thus more realistic. 

Instructions are on japanese, but drawings are simple and leave no questions behind.

Nice, but not good enough to replace Tamiyas Prinz Eugens turrets. I will use these on a HP-models kit instead if needed.

Available from HobbyLink Japan for about $22 ; € 19 Euros


GB06] DKM 1/700 203mm Gun Barrels 
Same as above but only gun barrels. Intended to replace 203mm barrels on Tamiyas Prinz Eugen if muzzle is desired.

Available from HobbyLink Japan for about $ 9 USD ; € 8 Euros