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Hasegawa [MA-163] IJN 1/700 Ise-class BB/BBCV 

IJN 1/700 Photoetch

review by Tom Kristiansen


Hasegawa [MA-163]  Ise-class BB/BBCV features:

30 # Boat-oars26 # 25mm Single MG
3 # Aircraft-trolleys
8 # Boat-railings
8 # Ladders, 2 types
20 # Boat-davits, 3 types
1 # Catapult
1 # Type21 Radar
2 # Radio direction finder
2 # Jackstaff
1 # Boatcrane
4 # Airplane propellers

This is a lightversion-photoetch set separately available to buy for the standard 2002-tooling of Ise/Hyuga kits (and other IJN heavy vessels). It is somewhat 'lighter' compared to the photoetch-set that come with the superdetailed-versions of both BB and BBCV-versions. It does not have aft-antenna, funnelgrating or searchlight-platforms. However this PEset has boat-oars, the SDPE-set does not. Adding oars to your small boats will add some details to your kit seldom seen in 1/700 scale. For the BBCV-sets some single 25mm machineguns are added to replace the kit-parts. Neither Hyuga or Ise had single 25mm MG in 1941 so the BB-version does not need these, but you can always use them to modify 

Nice set that will add some interesting details to most japanese heavy vessels, not only Ise-class battleships/battleships-carriers! This set does not have railings and is not meant to be a full-out photoetch set for your project. Possibly rather meant as a complement-set to fill in for other photoetch-sets. And it does so! Together with a JoeWorld Photoetch, GMM or Toms regular battleship-photoetch this set should make a striking model.. 

Available from HobbyLink Japan for about $11 USD;  € 9 Euros.