Neptun Metal Model
The USS Quincy was a member of the New Orleans class of heavy cruiser. They were build to the limitations imposed by the Washington Treaty which among other things limited displacement to 10,000 tons. The Quincy was commissioned in 1936 and remained relatively unchanged until 1940 when she underwent her first upgrade. It is in this 1940 appearance that this miniature represents.
Neptune has become one of my favorite makers of WW2 ships in this scale. The models are well detailed and appear to be accurate according to my references. This ship is no exception, with a prewar appearance, this kit could be used to represent the Quincy from 1936 to 40 with no noticeable modifications. I never cease to be amazed by the amount of detail found on these 1/1250 ships. Many ships in larger scales are not as detailed. These ships are hand painted with an overall Navy Gray scheme. Funnels are painted black with red recognition lights painted on the bridge wings.

The turrets are pinned in place and can be rotated. The image at the upper right shows the ship on it's side and the turrets appear to be crooked. This is not a problem as the turrets sit down on their base when the ship is set upright.  The searchlight towers and boat cranes are pretty thin for this scale.

I have taken some pictures of the Quincy alongside the New Orleans a 1942 version for comparison. At first glance these kits look a like. But note the splinter shields on the later New Orleans. Also note that these two ships are distinct and not simple a common casting sold as with two names. There are 1.1" guns on the New Orleans while the Quincy retains her simplified prewar appearance.

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Four versions of the New Orleans class are available from Neptun, they are the Minneapolis 1940, Quincy 1940, New Orleans 1942, and the San Francisco 1945. Each kit is distinct in detail and all are available from MSM.

This is another example of Nuptuns extremely fine detailing especially for 1/1250 scale. This is kit #1333a USS Quincy and sells for $52.50 US. Special thanks to Morning Sunshine Models for the review sample. Check out their complete line of 1/1250 ships on their website.