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Neptun 1/1250 USS Bayfield APA-33  (Metal miniature) NEW
Delphis 1/700 Italian Driade Class Corvettes (Resin kits) NEW
Corsair Armada 1/700 USS Whipple FF-1062 (Resin kit)
Pro-Model 1/200 USS Sims DD-409 (Paper kit)
Photo Etch Reviews
Flagship Models 1/350 40 mm Bofors Gun details
L’Arsenal  1/350 Scale Coconut Trees
Miscellaneous Accessory Reviews
Tri-Ang 1/1200 Quay sections
L’Arsenal 1/400 Scale Syracuse Antennas
Book Reviews
Flagship Models "How to" CD Building Resin Ship Models
King George V  Class Battleships  by Roger Chesenau
Newer June 2004 Reviews Older