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The Knox class is a descendant of the Bronstein and Garcia Class Destroyer Escorts. The class was built as a low end open ocean convoy destroyer escort to replace the old and obsolete W.W. II escorts. They were reclassified as Frigates in 1975.  The class incorporated the 'mack" concept, first used in the Bronstein Class to consolidate the electronic installations. In service it was found that deck wetness was a problem with this class.  Bow bulwarks and a spray strake was added to help alleviate this problem.  In the mid 1970's the Mk 16 ASROC "pepperbox" launcher was modified to fire Harpoon anti-ship missiles in the port pair of launchers.  An automatic reload magazine for the Mk 16 ASROC is located beneath the bridge, capable of carrying 18 reloads, 2 of which can be Harpoons.  The Knox class was designed to carry the Sea Mauler missile system aft of the helo pad, when this program was canceled the NATO Sea Sparrow Missile System , using the Mk. 29 launcher or the Basic Point Defense Missile System (BPDMS) using the Mk. 25 launcher were added to the class.  These eventually where replaced by the Phalanx CIWS.  The U.S. Navy has decommissioned the Knox Class and many of the class are currently serving in a number of foreign fleets.
The hull on this kit is well molded and includes quite a bit of detail. Much of the superstructure is cast in place so there is less assembly than a typical plastic kit. You will also find more surface detailing thanks to the resin casting. 

The superstructure parts and accessories are cast on a thin resin wafer that is fairly thin. The separate bridge with it's overhanging windows will really stand out. One nice touch is the open helicopter hanger. The roll up door is separate and it would not be difficult to model it rolled up with the included SH-2F Lamps Helo being rolled out. The The cast radar and square lattice mast sections are better replaced with photo etch.

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Instructions are pretty good, with plan and elevation views and some 3-D auxiliary views showing some of the more complex assemblies. There are notes about backdating this kit to an earlier as built Knox class as well as notes on some of the updated SATCOM links and ECM pods.

This is one of the earlier kits offered by Corsair Armada. While it is not as finely detailed and cast as newer ones it is still much better than many resin kits on the market. It is also an improvement over the AFV-Club Knox Class Frigate that is occasionally available. Priced at $39.00 it is a good value for the Cold War Navy buff. Thanks to Pacific Front Hobbies for the review sample, check out their complete line of Corsair Armada kits.