L’Arsenal 1/400
Antennes Syracuse

Reviewed by Felix Bustelo
The Syracuse communications system was developed by Matra and Thales (ex-Thomson-CSF) and implementation began in 1985.  Syracuse is an acronym for SYstème de RAdio Communication Utilisant un SatellitE, a radio communication and data transmission system using satellites.   Since its introduction, several satellites have been placed into orbit each improving the system.  Ships of the Marine Nationale commissioned prior to 1985 have been upgraded with Syracuse antennas to transmit and receive signals to/from the satellites.
L’Arsenal has released a set of 10 resin Syracuse antennas to upgrade your fleet of Heller Marine Nationale kits that were fitted with the dome structures.  They are very well cast and all that the modeler has to do is to remove it from the runner, lightly sand the bottom and paint.  

One packet will upgrade several models and research is required to find out which ships had Syracuse antennas fitted and where.  If you like to model modern French naval ships, this simple and inexpensive parts packet will go a long way.

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