Pro-Model 1/200 USS Sims DD-409

Reviewed by Timothy Dike
If you like large ships but can't afford them. This may be an option for you to consider. Pro-Model has a line of 1/200 ships that will allow you to build on a grander scale. This one represents the USS Sims early in World War Two right up to the time of her sinking. Unlike other kits this one comes already colored in the MS-12 mod camouflage scheme that the Sims wore. Much like the real ship, this one is composed of frames that are build up much like the scratch builders build their ships. The paper parts can be laminated to thicker sheets of paper of thin styrene for a more rigid assembly. The kit can be built full hull or waterline.
The pages of the kit are illustrated below, they are printed on heavy card stock. Exterior parts are colored in the appropriate colors. The lower hull (not shown) is printed in red with gold colored propellors blades.
The decks are also marked with the anti skid tread that was typically applied to these ships. Some of the smaller parts will be more difficult to form but this scale is very close to 1/192 and one could use after market fittings depending on the level of realism that you want to achieve.
I found the plans and illustrations in this kit to be very helpful. Plan and elevation views are included as well as several detail views of the sub assemblies.
     This kit is priced at 9,70 EUR which is about $10.98 US a pretty good price for a 1/200 ship. Check out the website for even more ships and detailing accessories to enhance your kit.