Reviewed by Timothy Dike
The Gabbiano Class Corvette was designed to provide convoy escort for the Italian Navy supply lines. Although longer in length than their British Flower class counter parts, these ships were of a smaller displacement. Their armament was relatively light but these ships still filled a valuable role, and freed up larger ships for other roles. The Italian Navy built 40 of these ships with a variety of fits.
Delphis has release a set of these important Italian Corvettes. By set I mean there are two kits included in the box. The hull is well molded with most of the superstructure cast on. There is a lot of detail on the deck including paravanes and cable reels that are so well cast that you will think twice before replacing them with aftermarket ones. The splinter shields look a little thick to me but are not objectionable.
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The small parts are well cast on resin sprues. Some of the finer parts were loose in the bag when I got it. The main guns are cast separate of the gun shields. The medium anti aircraft guns are very fine and well detailed especially for their size.
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Instructions are pretty basic and could use some extra detail views to help illustrate the assembly. There are several camouflage drawings shown to help you choose which colorful scheme to paint your ship in.

A fine couple of ships for your Italian Navy Fleet. All you need are some photo etch railings and an evening or two. Thanks to Pacific Front Hobbies for the review sample. This kit is currently listed for $36.00 (US) a great value when you consider that you get two ships. Check out this kit and the other Delphis Models in the latest Pacific Front Update.