USS Bayfield APA-33
Reviewed by Timothy Dike
The USS Bayfield APA-33, 1 February 1943 was  launched 2 August 1942. She was transferred to the Navy
30 June 1943, and sent to New York or conversion to Attack Transport. She was then assigned to the Atlantic Fleet where after a period of training sailed to England. The USS Bayfield was the flagship of Rear Admiral D. P. Moon for the D-Day invasion.

One month later she was off the southern coast of France operating in the Mediterranean before returning to the United States. After repairs she sailed for the Pacific to serve in another theater of war. After a period of  training off the Hawaiian Isles she sailed for Iwo Jima participating in the landings there. Later she took part in the Okinawa landings. Bayfield helped bring home the troops after the war. She returned to duty for the Korean War and later the Viet Nam war. 

Bayfield received four battle stars for her World War II service and four battle stars for her Korean service.

Just in time for the 60th anniversary of the D-Day landing is this new release from Neptun. The Bayfield Class Attack Transport was a C3-S-A2 type transport taken over by the US Navy for wartime use. On here deck are loads of landing craft ready to offload. There is an amazing amount of detail for such a small scale. The whole ship is cast metal with a coat of gray paint overall. Some of the masts were slightly bent but they were easily bent back into shape with gentle pressure.

The ship closely matches drawings and photo's of this class of ship, although photo's of the Bayfield don't show the masts joined by the lattice frame as on other ships in the class. This ship could be used to represent almost any APA of this class. 


A nice ship with a surprising amount of detail of detail for 1/1250 scale. This is kit #1392 USS Bayfield  priced at $41.50. Special thanks to Morning Sunshine Models for the review sample. Check out their complete line of 1/1250 ships.