Naval Acceccories

Fine Molds Type96 25mm Twin-MG

IJN 1/700 Photoetch

review by Tom Kristiansen



Fine Molds Type96 25mm Twin-MG features:
- 32 # Twin 25mm MG
- 16 # MG-controlposition
- 4 # Sircular platforms with railings
- 4 # Platforms with railings and braces

This Twin-25mm PE-set is almost identical to the Triple-25mm PE-set from Fine Molds. The difference is that the triple-set has an extra barrel to place in the middle.Also this set has double amount of MG-controlpositions than the tripleMG-set. I do not mind having these extra PE-parts on the fret. A nice addition that will outdetail the plastic variant. 

The instructions are in japanese but the drawings are good and explains everything you need. I have not test-folded any of the MG's yet, but it seems to be a farily straight forward task with a couple of good tweesers. 

There exist other IJN AA-sets on the market besides these. WhiteEnsignModels from England has a set that I think is a bit moe detailed. But I have a hunch that this FineMold-set will be easier to work with than the WhiteEnsignModels IJN 1/700 AA. 

I bought this set from HobbyLink Japan for about $11 USD; € 9 Euros