Month-Date-Year 2019
12-27-2019   Building USS Hornet recovering the Apollo 11 Command Module by Frank Spahr
12-11-2019   Making a porthole type picture frame for models 1/600 or smaller by Shaun Garnham
12-02-2019 IPMS Korea 2019 ship models by Won-hui Lee
10-31-19 Building the Airfix 1/440 PS Great Western by Frank Spahr
9-25-19 Building the Atlantic Models 1/350 HMS Arrow by Frank Spahr
8-16-19 Scatchbuilding the USS Alarm or "False Alarmô by René Hieronymus
8-14-19 Almost live at the 2019 IPMS Nationals Day 1 and 2 by Martin Quinn 
7-13-19 1/350 HMS Glamorgan build review by Frank Spahr
5-9-2019 Building the Revell Yacht America by Frank Spahr
3-31-20019 Scratchbuilding the Monster in 1/72 scale USS Choctaw by René Hieronymus
01-23-2019 Scratchbuilding the USS Collett DD 730 circa 1966 in 1/311 scale by Phil Toy
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