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Battlefleet Models 1/700 Mississippi River Barge Set. (Resin kit) NEW
JAG 1/700 Forrest Sherman Class DD (Resin kit) NEW
Battlefleet Models 1/700 190' YOS Yard Oil Storage Craft (Resin kit) NEW
Loose Cannon Production (East) 1/700 USS Midway Class Carrier (Resin kit) NEW
Loose Canon Productions (West) 1/700 LSM(R) Landing Ship Medium (Rocket) (Resin kit) NEW
Hasegawa 1/350 IJN Mikasa Japanese Battleship (Plastic kit) NEW
Battlefleet Models 1/700 Tug sets (Resin kits)
  • Set #702 Tug and Harbor Lighter NEW
  • Set #703 Tug and Fuel Barge NEW
Imperial Hobby Productions 1/700 French Navy Canceled Aircraft Carrier Joffre  NEW
Battlefleet Models 1/700 USS Algonquin WPG-75 (Resin kit) NEW
AXIS Models 1/350 RN Roma 1943 Italian BB (Resin kit) NEW
Photo Etch Reviews
White Ensign Models 1/350 Kriegsmarine Portholes and Doors NEW
Yankee Modelworks 1/350 USS North Carolina Photo etch set NEW
Miscellaneous Accessories
Battlefleet Models 1/700 LCV  Landing Craft (Resin kit) NEW
Book and Reference Reviews
Flagship Models How to CD "Building Model Submarines"
Newer August 2005 Reviews Older