Reviewed by Timothy Dike
YOS Yard Oil Storage, just another essential component of a harbor. Those warships need to be serviced and this little ship is typical of the type that took care of those oil storage needs. This is a 190' powered type that is commonly tied up with ships in the harbor, especially those forward bases without adequate shore facilities.
There are two complete ships in this kit. Hulls are one piece with good surface detail. The bollards are cast separately so the hull is pretty clean. There are hatches on the oil storage compartments with the only flash on the kit on the waterline where it is simple to remove.  Click images
to enlarge
The superstructure parts are well cast and feature sharp edges and detailing. A hollowed out stack is included with external piping. Vent pipes, separate bollards, and a life boat round out the resin parts . Some of the vent pipes are very nicely formed, but others didn't cast very well. Fortunately there are extras in the kit just in case.
Brass rod is included to make the masts, and a couple lengths of railings are supplied. Most of us have these parts in our spare parts box, but it is nice to see them supplied in the kit.
The instructions are a single page with a simple plan and elevation drawing. Adequate for such a simple ship, but I always like to see more details. 

Reference for these ships is hard to come by. I found this image on the right on the  Naval Historical Center Online Library. There is also a picture of one in the Classic Warships Benson / Gleaves class Destroyer book

Conclusions: Another unique subject captured in resin by Battlefleet Models. This little kit is only $25.00 and is available from Pacific Front Hobbies or direct from Battlefleet Models. These are great little accessories to add life to your dockyard dioramas. They are simple enough that they would make a good first resin kit for that modeler wishing to try one.