1/350 Kriegsmarine Portholes & Doors Photo Etch Set
by White Ensign models
Here's a great little accessory set that will dress up your 1/350 German Ships. It includes some relief etched German styled doors with hinge, latch and porthole details. 
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Included in the set:
14 left hinged doors
14 right hinged
33 bottom hinged portholes
42 left hinged
42 right hinged
26 bottom hinged hatches
16 left and 16 right hinged
18 bottom hinged w/ gutter
12 universal doors
The open portholes include the rain gutters about them sometimes referred to as "eyebrows" for obvious reasons. The porthole covers are hinged left and right and under the porthole. The open hatches have door frames with gutters over them. The hatches are all hinged left and right

Conclusions: This is set number PE 3578 retailing for 3.95 UK or  $6.22 US. A great price for over 200 doors and hatches. Get yours direct from White Ensign Models online website or from your favorite hobby shop.

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