Battlefleet Models Review
Reviewed by Timothy Dike
These LCV's Landing Craft  Vehicle are typical of those used in the D-Day invasions and the Island hopping campaigns of the Pacific. They were built all over the United States, in coastal towns and even river towns of the Midwest. You could often find them carried on the decks of River Barges, LST's, and Attack Transports such as the Loose Cannon Artemis.
These may be the best detailed Landing Craft of this type on the market. They are cleanly cast and much nicer than those offered in the old Skywave kits. There is 10 of them in this kit and all you have to do is cut them from the resin base, and use them as is or add some vehicles or troops. Click images
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This set sells for $10.00, a fair price for 10 nicely detailed Landing Craft. Get them from Battlefleet Models or online from Pacific Front Hobbies