Reviewed by Timothy Dike
Here's another ship accessory set to protect your Naval assets. This set will have manage those inland river resources. Tug boats and barges operated all up and down the Mississippi River system. During the second world war, there were ship yards located in virtually every small town on the Missouri/Mississippi/Ohio river system building landing craft and other small craft needed for the war effort. 

Battlefleet Models has produced yet another set to expand your ship building horizons. This set features a variety of vessels. Casting on all is quite good, with nice fine detailing. You get a Tug, Barge Tender, Crane Barge, and two flat Barges. Plus as a bonus 5 LCV's for deck cargo. 

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The Tug is similar to the ones found in the sets 702 and 703, except they have a pilot house typical of those found on riverboats. The hull features the same sharp detailing with 
The Sumac was a Barge Tender that began service in 1944. She operated along the Mississippi system  until being decommissioned in 1999. Her unique early shape is well captured in resin. Sumac was rebuilt in the mid 1970, losing her distinct stack and trading her three Fairbanks Morse diesel engines for three GM diesels. The hull and superstructure parts are nicely done, with funnels that have a hollowed out appearance. Add some photo etch railing (supplied) and you have a nice little kit. More about the Sumac can be found on the U.S. Coast Guard River, Inland & Construction Tenders page. It wouldn't be hard to update this kit to the Sumac's late appearance by leaving off the funnels.
A perfect companion for the Sumac is this Crane barge. It is typical of those found on the river systems. A heavy crane is mounted on the barge to lift heavy loads. The barge has a deep hold with some incredible floor detail. A shed and tool boxes are mounted on the other end.
Two plain old flat barges are provided to mount just about anything you want. They may be a little plain, but they do feature some really nice deck detailing.
The chocks and bollards are cast separately so you can mount them where you need to. The bumpers for the Sumac are provided as are a length of brass rod, and plastic square stock. 
Some railing is provided for the Sumac and Army Tug.
The instructions are pretty basic, but then this is a simple kit to build. A photo of the Sumac and of Don  Kibbe's scratch built crane barge are shown for reference.
Five LCV's are included for barge cargo. More photo's of these can be found in this review
Conclusions: Another unique subject captured in resin by Battlefleet Models. This little kit is only $40.00 and is available from Pacific Front Hobbies or direct from Battlefleet Models. This is a great little set that offers a whole new realm of diorama possibilities.

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