Battlefleet Models
1/700 Harbor Tug and Yard Set #3

Reviewed by Timothy Dike
Here's a set to realistically fill out that harbor diorama. Tugs are essential to help the large ships get around in the confined harbors. Fuel barges are essential to refuel the ships for battle. The larger ships could not always be tied up to a dock with fueling facilities, so the fuel was brought out to them.
The Tug is cast in two parts as shown. Please see my review of the Tug set #2 for more details. It is the same tug featured in this set. What I really want to draw your attention to is something that is almost always overlooked. The stacks of boxes, barrels, and miscellaneous odds and ends that will add life to your dockside dioramas. These are grouped in pallet sized loads so you can also use them on your cargo ships. Battlefleet has a number of these that will go along great with these tug sets. Click images
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The barge is one piece and is cast complete. The casting is clean and only a bit of flash at the waterline will need to be sanded off. The deck house is nicely detailed and I like the way that tires are molded onto the hull to server as bumpers. The deck will look a little plain, so you might consider placing some of that palletized cargo on them.
Conclusions: This is an awesome little tug and fuel barge by Battlefleet Models. This is kit #703 and is only $18.00 from Pacific Front Hobbies. This kit that will look great tied up alongside the Quantico Docks or alongside your favorite ship. It will also go great with the Tug set #2.