Quantico Virginia Dock Set
1/700 resin dock sections and buildings
Reviewed by Timothy Dike
Harold Abbott has retired from his Post Office job. That is bad news for the postal department, but great news for us 1/700 ship modelers. Harold now has more time to devote to his company Battlefleet Models.  The fruits of which are beginning to show with this new release that will sure to please waterline ship modelers. Battlefleet kits are cast in Aurora, Colorado near the same location as the Loose Cannon Casting facility. Harold worked alongside Hugh Letterly (his former teacher) to cast some great little kits. Now producing his own line of ships under the Battlefleet line. 
This set is a reproduction of a portion of the Quantico Virginia Dockyards. But it is typical of dock construction at many bases found all over the world. The set retails for $40.00 and includes:

One  End Key dock section with "T" shaped end. (Kit # BF704B also available separately for $10.00)

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One Parallel section designed to run along the edge of the shore. There is a spot for attaching the above section. (Kit #BF704D also available separately for $10.00)
One long center section that can be used to extend the End Key section, or be used by itself. (Kit # BF704C also available separately for $10.00)
Seven Dockyard Buildings that include long warehouse structures and small sheds that can be placed anywhere. (Kit #BF704E also available separately for $15.00 ) The buildings include flat roof types and buildings with pitched roofs. One of the flat roof buildings looks like an ammunition building that I saw in a Mare Island dockyard photo. Note the roofing details on the various structures. 
Building Close-ups
Rounded end section. Listed as sold separately, but included in a bag marked Free Extras (Kit #BF704F available separately for $5.00 )
A set of chocks to tie your ships up was also included in those "Free Extras". 
The instructions are pretty basic, but there is little need for them. The only assembly will be in joining the dock sections in the manner you like. 
More pictures of the Battlefleet set from the Loose Cannon Webpage

This is a great accessory set for your waterline ships. It will allow you to display your ships in style. You can get the whole Battlefleet set (kit #BF704A)  for $40.00 or individual pieces from Pacific Front Hobbies to create the ultimate dockyard scene. A great place to mount those Loose Cannon Cranes or tie up your favorite waterline ship.

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