Loose Cannon Dockyard Cranes
photo from Classic Warships Yorktown Class Carriers Photo Album
If you have ever looked in the background of some of the photo's of ships in dock scenes. You must have noticed the towering cranes that are responsible for lifting those heavy objects. Whether Philadelphia, New York, or Mare Island these huge cranes dominate the landscape. They come in all sizes and shapes and Loose Cannon has brought them to us in two new 1/700 scale kits. 
The #27 Hammerhead crane kit consist of a photo etch fret and resin parts to build two cranes. The Hammerhead represents one found at the Norfolk Naval Base. The other is the Mare Island crane, both cranes were inspired from photos in Steve Wipers Classic Warships books. All crane frame work is from the photo etched brass giving it a very nice scale appearance. The crane house and other hardware are made from the resin parts. These are all cast on a thin resin wafer and need very little cleanup.
Instructions consist of several views showing the subassemblies and working towards the final product.
Set #26 has four cranes, two small Mare Island cranes, a Railroad crane and a barge crane. Like the other kit this one includes resin and brass to make the parts. A large barge with plenty of cast-on detail is the highlight. 

Combine this set with the Loose Cannon Barge set and the Tug set and you have the makings for a well detailed diorama. The cranes in this set could be used to represent thise found in most any ship yard in the 20th Century. 

Sample instructions from Set #26
Kit # 26 is the Mare Island Crane and kit # 27 is of a Hammerhead crane. Both list for $25.00 US and are available where ever Loose Cannon products are sold. Check the Loose Cannon page for details on these and other kits.

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