Loose Cannon Productions
1/700 Resin Tug set
First previewed at the 2001 IPMS convention Loose Cannon Productions continues to expand their 1/700 line of resin ships. This set is of two different generic WWII era US Harbor Tugs. These are perfect for your dockyard diorama and are a welcome addition for USN Water Line modelers.
The first kit is a typical 110' Steam tug. The tug comes complete as you see here and has been molded with the brass mast in place.
 The second one is a typical 80' Diesel Tug and it too is a complete ship. 
All one has to do is clean up the light resin flash on the ships and paint them. They are molded in a soft tan resin that is easy to work with. Use a light touch when sanding or filing the resin as it comes off easily. 

These boats can also be super detailed to match a specific tug if you like. Left over photo etch from other projects will probably be all you need. I would add a cross piece to the mast and some rigging and maybe a deck hand or two. It won't take much work until your ready to push those Loose Cannon Barges into place alongside your favorite ships.

Price for the set is $12.00 plus shipping. Check the Loose Cannon page for details on these and other kits.

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