Battlefleet Models
1/700 Harbor Tug and Yard Set #2

Reviewed by Timothy Dike
Here's a set to realistically fill out that harbor diorama. Tugs are essential to help the large ships get around in the confined harbors. The small lighters are able to commonly seen servicing the larger ships. They are small enough to get around in the harbors and are found in large and small harbors worldwide.
The Tug is cast in two parts as shown. The casting is very sharp with well defined details. I especially like how the fenders that are draped over the bow and sides of the tug are cast. These look very realistic and are a feature not found on many kits that I have seen. There is a bit of flash at the waterline, but this shouldn't be a problem to remove. The simple superstructure is well detailed and and the surface detail is exceptional. The life raft stowed on the back is extremely well done. The funnel is hollowed out and the bridge windows are very distinct. There are a few spots on the casting that will need to be cleaned up, but this is nothing that a sharp exacto cant take care of. Click images
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The Yard lighter is cast on a thin resin wafer with the superstructure parts. Some of the vent pipes were not fully formed, but there are extras so this is not a problem. There is plenty of hatch and superstructure detail, especially for such a small ship.
The instructions are pretty basic, but there are not a lot of parts to put together so I don't think anyone will have a problem. Yard Lighters were not all built in the exact same configuration, so I would consult photo's of the type you chose to model. This type is patterned after one that is featured in Classic Warships Benson/Gleaves Class Destroyers photo album on page 62 and 63. If you check you will find these vessels in many Mare Island photo's usually in the background alongside other better known capital ships.
Conclusions: This is an awesome little tug and Yard Lighter by Battlefleet Models. This is kit #702 and is only $18.00 from Pacific Front Hobbies. This kit that will look great tied up alongside the Quantico Docks or alongside your favorite ship. This set will go along well with the kit #703 that includes a fuel barge with the same tug.