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Imperial Hobby Productions 1/700 British N-3 Proposed Battleship (Resin kit)  NEW
Combrig 1/700 Kronshtadt Pr.1134A Missile Cruiser (Resin kit) NEW
Classic Warships 1/700 USS Ward DD-139 (Resin kit)
L'Arsenal 1/350 Liberty Ship (Resin kit) 
WIR 1/300 Polish Frieghter Olza (Paper ship) 
Zevda 1/350 Russian Submarine Kursk (Plastic kit)
Combrig 1/700 HMS Queen 1904 (Resin kit)  NEW
Photo Etch Reviews
Gold Medal Models 1/350 Liberty Ship Fitting set NEW
White Ensign Models 1/350 Nimitz Class PE sets NEW
  • USS Nimitz the Ship fitting set
  • Nimitz Class late refit parts
 White Ensign Models The Airwing Detail Set for 1/350 USN Aircraft Carriers NEW
Gold Medal Models 1/240 USS Ward/Buckley PE set
Voyager Model's 1/700 Tirpitz update set
Miscellaneous Accessories
J&D Products 1/96 JD-05 Mk-51 Director (Metal kit)
Book Reviews
JPS Shipyard USS North Carolina Photo CD NEW
USS North Carolina Technical Reference 1 by Randall S. Shoker
The Floating Drydock 1/48 scale USS Admirable AM-136 plans
History on CD-ROM #N512 ONI 201 British Warships and Amphibious Ships
Newer April 2005 Reviews Older