US North Carolina BB-55
Close in Photo's by JPS Shipyard Vol. 1
Snyder and Short Enterprises
Reviewed by Timothy Dike
Pavel Vacata, better known for his work at JAG has a new CD on the market under the JPS Shipyard label. This one is of the USS North Carolina as she sits today. The images are intended for those who can't travel to the North Carolina Museum and see the details for themselves. After you go through this CD you will feel like you have already been there.

Since Pavel is a ship modeler also, he knows what kind of details we want to see. He has taken photo's not only of the armament and radar, but also of the bracing under the platforms and many other obscure items that get overlooked in the major publications.

The CD contains 141 high resolution photo's taken in 2003 during a visit to the ship. The images are all high resolution images sized at 2592 x 1728 pixels. You can zoom in on them for an extreme close-up and to reveal even more detail. The first image on the right is a thumbnail view of the entire CD. It will give you an idea of what types of photo's are included. 

The other three images are samples of the picture formatted for the web and reduced in size. I considered including full size images but these were well over 200k each even with the reduced web quality. Pavels photo's are print quality and will fill your whole screen. Depending on the type of image viewing software you have you should then be able to zoom to full size and beyond. I was able to zoom in up to 300% without seriously degrading the images. 

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This CD is available from Snyder and Short only for $16.95. If you are planning on building either the new Trumpeter 1/350 USS North Carolina or one of the 1/700 kits, you will really enjoy this CD.