Reviewed by Timothy Dike
Voyager Models a company that is well known for their Armor Photo etch accessories has branched out into the Naval Modeling world with this set custom designed for the new Trumpeter/Pit-Road Tirpitz kit. This set is desinged to compliment the  Voyager #70002 set with the Tirpitz specific items. This photo etch set is custom designed to fit that kit. There are two relief etched frets in the set pictured below.

Contents of complete set.
The first fret is composed mostly of radars and mounting brackets. Some of the radar assemblies are designed so that a minimum of glueing will be necessary. Instead you the part is folded multiple times to get the final shape.
Close up of Fret A
The second fret consists mainly of the Tirpitz specific platforms. A Tirpitz specific funnel grill is included as well.
The instructions show the various photo etch parts and how they go together. They also show where they locate on the Trumpeter/Pit-Road kit. They are well drawn and should be easy for the average modeler to follow.
This set is the perfect compliment to the new Trumpeter/Pit-Road Tirpitz kit.since it is custom made for it. Check the Voyager website for a list of distributors that carry their products.