Voyager Model 1/700 PE Update set
for Trumpeter/Pit-Road Bismarck

Reviewed by Timothy Dike
Voyager Models a company that is well known for their Armor Photo etch accessories has branched out into the Naval Modeling world with this set custom designed for the new Trumpeter/Pit-Road Bismarck or the Tirpitz kit with the Voyager Tirpitz update set. If you have the Dragon kit you need the  Voyager #70001 set. This photo etch set is custom designed to fit that kit. The set comes nicely packed with instructions  in a small compact card stock container. There are six relief etched frets in total and a small section of plastic rod.

Contents of complete set.
The first fret is composed mostly of the catapults, bridge wings and other platforms. The relief etching is really evident on the catapult assembly. Other items such as open mesh platforms are very finely done. 
Close up of Fret A
The second fret includes the boat cabins for the ships boats. These will give them a real scale appearance. The heavy i beam construction of the boat davits is well represented by a folding part that is relief etched on both sides. There a number of nice watertight doors as well as aircraft hanger doors.

The third fret has floor inserts  with raised diamond plate pattern etch on for a really cool appearance. Radar assemblies fold up for a nice 3D appearance. The round platform railings are well done and when rolled form nice reverse cone shaped railings. 

Closer ups up Fret B and C
 The rails are custom tailored to the kit and numbered to match the instruction sheet. One nice thing is that you wont have to worry about matching up stantion locations and figure out the length around the round platforms. This has all been done for you. A number of different ladder styles are included as well. As are accommodation ladders, platforms, and inclined ladders. Light machine guns are very delicate and realistic.
Close ups of Fret D and E
The last fret is the main crane assemblies.
The instructions show the various photo etch parts and how they go together. They also show where they locate on the Trumpeter/Pit-Road kit. They are well drawn and should be easy for the average modeler to follow.
This set is the perfect compliment to the new Trumpeter/Pit-Road kit. it is custom made for it and a good set to super detail your Bismarck or Tirpitz kit with. Check the Voyager website for a list of distributors that carry their products.