USS North Carolina
Technical Reference 1
by Randall S. Shoker
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Reviewed by Timothy Dike
With the Trumpeter 1/350 USS North Carolina coming on the market this book will be a great reference. It covers the North Carolina's history, specifications, and data. There are over 60 photo's showing the ship and it's weapons and fittings in detail. There are quite a few images that show the ship as it changed during it's career. Everything from her launching to her current state as a Museum Ship in Wilmington, North Carolina. 

The book documents the weapons fit that the ship had over the years. There are excellent pictures showing the 50 cal machine guns and 1.1" guns to the later 20 mm and 40 mm guns. The number of guns of each type that were carried is documented in table form with the dates that they changed.

Two plan views show the ship in her Feb. 42 and Nov. 44 fits. There are also elevation views showing the various camo measures the ship including Measures 2, Ms 12, Ms 21, Ms 32, , Ms 22, and Ms 13. 

As an added bonus, a 1/350 scale plan sheet drawn by Tom Walkowiak is included.This drawing is also available in 1/192 and 1/96 scale from The Floating Drydock.

USS North Carolina Technical Reference 1 by Randall S. Shoker, 2000, is published by Oxford Museum Press, Inc., with a list price of $16.95. An extremely valuable resource to have whether you are a history buff or need reference for your ship building project.

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