1/700 Combrig Kronshtadt
Pr.1134A Missile Cruiser

Reviewed by Timothy Dike
If you build Cold War era warships, you will be interested in this Soviet era Cruiser. This one is the Missile Cruiser Kronstadt (Proj.1134A, Kresta II). The Kronshtadt was the lead ship of 10 others designed for the ASW role. These Cruisers operated during the 70's and 80's but all have since been withdrawn from service. 
Dimensions 521' 3" x 55' 11" x 25' 6"
Displacement 5600 tons std / 7535 tons max.
Maximum speed 32 kts and range is 5200 NM @ 18 kts or 2400 NM @ 32 kts
Armament 4 x 57 mm AK-725 guns in twin turrets (4400 rounds)
1 x 45 mm 21-KM gun
2 x B-187A twin arm launchers for Shtorm / SA-N-3 SAM (96 rounds)
8 x KT-100 launchers for RP33 Metel / SA-N-14 SSM (8 rounds)
2 x RBU6000 AS mortars (60 rounds)
2 x RBU1000 AS mortars (60 rounds)
4 x AK-630 CIWS (8000 rounds)
10 x 21" PTA-53-1134 torpedo tubes in quintuple mountings
Aircraft carried Ka-25 helicopter
Propulsion Four high pressure boilers are fitted with two TV-12 steam turbines totaling 91000shp on two shafts.
Complement 33 officers and  311 enlisted

Combrig has added yet another Cold War veteran to their growing line of 1/700 Waterline ships. This one is much like their latest releases in terms of the quality we have come to expect from them.

The hull is well cast with no warpage or defects. There is not a whole lot of surface detail, just like on the real ship. Don't let that lack of deck clutter fool you, what little detail is present is well done. The bollards are very fine as are the shields.
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The superstructure parts are either cast on a thin wafer or cast in an open face mold like the hull. All have molded nicely and items like the main superstructure have nice air intake grills cast on.

The small parts are what really stands out on this kit. The guns barrels appear to be in-scale, no small accomplishment for resin. But be careful, these items are very delicate and easy to break. The radar assemblies even look good, but many of you will elect to replace these with photo etch. 

Two sets with Russian radar and other parts that can be used are:

The instructions are more of a general guide than a complete documentation of the model. A plan and elevation view with some history is on the front page. A parts scan and exploded view is on the other. There is room for improvement here as these are barely adequate to build this kit. Combrigs kits have been improving in quality but the instructions in this kit could be more extensive.
This is Kit # 70349 and is listed on Pacific Front Hobbies website for $36.00 a good price for a ship of this size and quality. All that is lacking is a good Photo Etch set. Check the Combrig website for a complete list of Russian and Soviet Cold War veterans including this ship and her sisters.

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