1/700 Kirov Class Cruiser 
Photo etch set by White Ensign models
This is a good time to be a Modern Russian Ship modeler, especially if you work in 1/700 scale. Pit-Road, Trumpeter, and Dragon all have a Kirov Class Battle cruiser on the market. Each one has their merits, but they all fall short when it comes to the finer details. Enter White Ensign Models, with this new photo etch set. This set is custom designed for the above mentioned kits and will help you take them to the next level. This set is relief etched and includes some very fine detailing. To me the most important items are the radar assemblies, these will really make your kit stand out. Not only are there new helo rotors, (including folded ones), but also new thin tails to replace the clunky one in the kit.
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Note the details in the close up views above.

The instructions are very extensive as well, with four pages to identify the parts on the frets and give general photo etch tips. There are three more pages that show how the parts fit and the kit parts they replace or how they integrate with the kit supplied parts. The illustrations are clear and informative and these are among the best instructions I've seen on the market today. The ships of this class had significant differences in them and these are spelled out with detail views.

Conclusions: This is an excellent photo etch set, the etching is extremely fine and all the parts you will need are included. If you want to take your kit to the next level this set is the way to do it. Check out White Ensigns website for a complete line of ship models and detail parts. This is set #PE 751 and it lists for £11.02.


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