1/700 Scale Modern Russian Photo Etch set
by Gold Medal models
pe fret
Here's a look at Gold Medal Models Modern Soviet Warship in 1/700 scale.

The instructions are well done with each subassembly illustrated in 3D style. This is a good example of what insturctions should be like. The various views leave few questions on the assembly of the different components.

Included in the set: 
  • 2, 3, and 4 bar railings, and slanted rails for the bow.
  • Inclined stairs and ladders
  • Top sail radar for the Kiev
  • Top steer radar for the Kiev
  • Kiev Yardarms
  • Krivak top steer radar
  • Krivak mainmast
  • Krivak yardarms
  • Krivak mast platform
  • Krivak Antenna brackets 
  • Pop group radars Krivak and Kiev
  • Head net C radar
  • life rings
This set could be used to detail most any Russian ship but is ideal for the Krivak and Kiev. It is finely etched in thin stainless steel. This set is #700-9 with a retail price of $12.00 US.

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