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Loose Cannon 1/700 USS Hazard (USS Pirate, PCE-829, and PCE 893 resin kits)
JAG Collective 1/700 USS Sacramento AOE-1 (resin kit)
Frog Models 1/600 HMS Airfix (plastic kit) NEW Reissue
Pit-Road 1/700 Hatsuharu class Destroyers (plastic kits)
  • IJN Hatsuharu (early war)
  • IJN Hatsuhimo (late war )
Classic Warships 1/700 USS Detroit CA-8 1945 (Out Of Production Resin kit)
Photo Etch Reviews
White Ensign Models 1/350 Essex Class Carrier detailing set. NEW
Gold Medal Models #450-8 1/450 Akagi Detail set NEW
White Ensign 1/700 Benson/Gleaves Detail Set NEW
1/350 Minekaze IJN Cable Reel assemblies NEW
White Ensign 1/350 USN WW2 Anti-aircraft Fittings Detail Set  NEW
1/350 Minekaze IJN Ladders and Jack Stays NEW
Miscellaneous Accessory Reviews
JD Products 1/96 5"-25 cal gun mount assembly (metal kit)
L’Arsenal 1/350 & 1/400 Scale Twin and Quad 40mm Bofors NEW
Seals Models 1/700 WWI Japanese and British Weapons set (plastic kit)
Decals Reviews
Gold Medal Models #350-7d 1/350 Carrier Deck Numbers NEW
Book Reviews
Squadron Signal Schnellboot in Action By T. Garth Connelly and David Krakow NEW
Battleship Bismarck - a Survivor's Story,  by Burkard Baron von Müllenheim-Rechberg
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