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White Ensign Models'

1/350 USS Essex 'The Ship' Photoetched Set


Review by Jeff Herne

White Ensign has done it again...

What else is there to say? Peter Hall and the staff at White Ensign are on a roll...each time they release a new photoetched set, they raise the bar that much higher. Their new Essex set is no exception. The set for the ship consists of three frets, two are drawn specifically for the ship, the third is a generic weapons set. The set is half etched, providing the modeler with relief details.

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Fret one contains: Standard 3 Bar Railings, 3 Bar Chain Railings, 2 Bar Railings, 2 Bar Railing (Close Stanchions), Flight Deck Centre Elevator Edge Railings, Deck Edge Folding Wire Antenna Masts, Antenna Mast Wire Spreaders, Single 5" 38 Gun Mounting Details, Vertical Ladder (Stock), Whale Boat Cradle, Funnel Mounted ECM Sensor Lattice (Late Fit), Whale Boat Rudder, Tripod Mast Side Frames and Rails (Early Fit), SC/SK Radar Mast Platform, Funnel Mounted Tall Radar Mast, Tripod Mast Top Pole Bracing and SG Platform, Crane Hooks, Fuel Hose Reels, LSO/Batman Platform, Tripod Mast Platform (Short), Tripod Mast Platform (Large), Funnel Mounted Reproducer Boxes, Tripod Mast Braces and Mid Platforms Assembly, LSO/Batmans Canvas Screens, Fire Hose Points, Flight Deck Crash Barrier Arms, Funnel Mounted SC/SK Radar Platform (Short Mast), Reproducer Boxes (Style 1), Tripod Mast Large Platform Supports, Tripod Mast Short Platform Supports (Early), Siren Platform, Reproducer Boxes (Style 2), Funnel Mounted Tall Radar Mast Platform, Funnel Tall Radar Mast Platform Support Frame, Funnel Mounted Reproducer Box Platform, Tripod Mast Short Platform Supports (Late), Funnel Cap Grills, Arrester Wire Sheaves, Watertight Doors with View Port, Life Rings, Anchor Cable, Whale Boat Platform Access Ladder, Funnel Pole Mast Yard Arm and Footropes, Tripod Mast Yard Arm Assembly, Side Elevator Vertical Support Frames, Side Elevator Underside Fixed Section Braces, Side Elevator Underside Folding Section Braces, Port and Starboard Accommodation Ladders, Catwalk to Flight Deck Access Ladders, Long Section Inclined Ladders, Standard Inclined Ladders, Watertight Doors.

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Fret two contains: Forward Antenna Mast Screen (Aft), Forward Antenna Mast Screen (Forward), Aft Antenna Mast screen,     Radar Intercept Antenna (Style 1), Radar Intercept Antenna (Style 2), Side Elevator Safety Net Braces, Side Elevator Safety Nets, Floater Baskets, Funnel Mounted TDY Antenna Platform, SG Radar Antennas, SM Radar Antenna Assembly, Tripod Mast Top Pole YE Antenna, SP Radar Antenna Assembly, SR Radar Antenna Assembly, SK Radar Antenna Assembly, Mk 51 Director Details, SK2 Radar Antenna Assembly, TDY Antennas and Poles, Late YE Antenna Platform, Funnel Port Side SK Antenna Platform and Support, SC2 radar Antenna Assembly, Fire Control IFF Antennas, Mk22 Height Finder Antenna, Mk4/Mk12 Fire Control Antenna, Forward LSO/Batman Jump Net, Aft LSO/Batmans Jump Net.

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The 3rd fret consists of generic light USN AA weapons, consisting of single 20mm Oerlikon Assembly, 40mm Quad Bofors Details & Twin 20mm Oerlikon Assembly. This is also available as a separate set, #3555.


In addition to the ship details, White Ensign also has perforated catwalks, set #3554, which consists of Flight Deck Edge Catwalks, LSO/Batman Platform Catwalk, Whale Boat Platform, Catapult Gear Access Suspended Catwalks, Aft Thwartships Full Width Catwalk Assembly, Forward LSO/Batmans Platform, Catapult Gear Rear Access Catwalk (Starboard), Catapult Gear Rear Access Catwalk (Port), Aft Thwartships Catwalk Access, Aft Thwartships Starboard Overhang Suspended Catwalk, Long Inclined Ladders for Overhangs, Aft Thwartships Catwalk (Short Fit), Catwalk End Railings, Lower 5" Gun Platforms, Upper 5" Gun Platforms, 10mm Inclined Ladders for Inter Catwalk Access, Standard Inclined Ladders, Forward Thwardships Catwalks (Short), Forward Thwartships Catwalk (Full Width), Inner Stern Access Catwalk for Short Thwartships Catwalk Fit, 2 Bar Handrails, 3 Bar Handrails.

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Once you've completed the ship, you'll want to work on the Airgroup. White Ensign's set #3553 contains SBD Dauntless Exterior Parts, SBD Dauntless Interior Parts, Grumman TBF Avenger Interior Parts, Grumman TBF Avenger Exterior Parts, Forklift Truck Assembly and Driver Figure, Bomb Carts, 4 Wheeler Tow Tractor and Crew Figures, 3 Wheeler Tow Tractor Aircraft Towing Arm, Extra Driver Figures, Torpedo/ Bomb Trailers, Curtiss SB2C Helldiver Interior Parts, Curtiss SB2C Helldiver Exterior Parts, Grumman F6F Hellcat Exterior Parts, Grumman F6F Hellcat Interior Parts, Vought F4U Corsair Exterior Parts, Vought F4U Corsair Interior Parts, Officer Figures, Aircrew Figures, Flight Deck Crew Figures.

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Special thanks to John and Caroline at White Ensign for providing these details sets for our review.

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