Seals Models

1/700 Japanese / British WW I Weapons set
Reviewed by Timothy Dike
For years we have had Pit-Road/Skywave WW 2 weapons sets to detail our 1/700 ships. With the surge in popularity of WW1 subjects, many cast in resin with less than satisfactory weapons the need for a good weapons set has become apparent. Enter Seals Models, makers of one of the nicest WW 1 kits on the market, the Mikasa. Many of the weapons and accessories needed to produce that kit are now made available in this WW 1 weapons set.
This set contains guns and other fittings typically found on the Japanese and British ships from the turn of the century through the WW 1 years. Many Japanese ships had a British heritage so they share many common parts. 

The set contains two sprues of very fine plastic parts. The top and bottom of the sprue is shown on the right. The kit includes a set of instructions but they are in Japanese so I can only go by what the pictures show. The set includes a variety of guns, boats, davits, and other fittings. I don't pretend to be a WW 1 expert so many are not familiar to me. But if you have a Japanese or British ship from one of the resin makers, you might want to consider replacing some of the parts with those in this set.

I would love to see this set made available with english instructions. But other than putting the top and bottoms of some of the boats together the parts are pretty self explanatory. This set is available for $9.95 from Hobby Link Japan.